“We love love love our products! Especially the vapor rub. It’s not as drying as the stuff you buy at the store. It’s moisturizing and works wonders. We love it. We love the bubble bath and the cuddle buddy I can’t recommend enough. We are just so pleased”- Erica D.

“I have had some experience with massage therapy, but this was entirely different. It was beyond relaxing, beyond spacial with temporal sensations. I’d offer some critical observations but I have none. This is a rare instance when I am at a loss for words, other than it was absolutely wonderful” – Steve S. on Raindrop Therapy

“Just spent 8 days soaking in the sun at the beach and this is the only form of sunscreen I applied on my skin (I’m blonde with green eyes and fair skinned) and didn’t burn once! I reapplied every few hours and this sunscreen is also somewhat waterproof. The water will bead up over the sunscreen leaving you fully protected. Only product I will be using on my skin!” – Bailey D on MRM Sunscreen

“I LOVE this stuff! It’s the only thing that I use that gives consistent pain relief without a lot of bother and smell. I suffer from chronic back pain due to a disc problem and I use this salve all the time. Can’t be without it.” Judi A. on Green Goddess Pain Salve

” I loved how Miranda did the anointment, she was very in tune and knew each movement and how it would effect the body. There were many muscles in which were awakened.. I felt a great sense of relaxation and had felt on many levels her awareness around the proper pressure and found all the effective points during that time. I loved how she did the arms!” Lauren R. on Raindrop Therapy

“Feelings: relaxed, with released tension in shoulders and jaw. Brought up a lot of old senses of smell related to memories, usually freeing childhood memories. Miranda has good pressure and flow. Her atmosphere is calm and clean. Loved getting the scent of the oil as we moved through the different herbs.” Liz C. on Raindrop Therapy

” Feeling of calm, loss of time. Relief of arthritic pain from old injuries. Sense of smooth flow of electrical currents through muscular and nervous systems. Relief of anxiety and stress. Very relaxed but not sleepy. Relief of lower back pain and sciatica” – Anonymous on Raindrop Therapy

“Transcendent, Great Touch, Very Relaxing” – Alex S. on Reflexology

“A very meditative experience, a dream like state. Free associative cerebral response. My feet feel great!” Steve S. on Reflexology