60min session= $65
75min session= $80
90min session= $95


Reflexology works in two ways: as a diagnostic tool and as a method of treatment. It is known that the different reflex points found in the feet and hands correspond to an area in the body. By using the thumb and fingers in a particular way to work certain points, pain and symptoms in the corresponding area of the body can be alleviated. Reflexology has been used as a form of treatment for over 5,000 years.

The body has five longitudinal zones on each side of the median (central) line of the body, which runs from the tips of the fingers and thumbs, up through the brain and down to the tips of the toes. These zones can be visualized as longitudinal sections through the body, extending from front to back and containing the internal organs and glands of that section.

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The longitudinal zones or energy channels used in reflexology are considered to be paths along which someone’s energy flows. Stress, disease and injury can all lead to digestion along these energy pathways. By stimulating various reflexes on the feet (and hands) it is possible to clear away the congestion of toxic deposits that inhibit the flow of the vital force through our bodies, thereby bringing about a state of equilibrium and balance within the body. This will improve your health and vitality.

Reflexologists believe that an illness can be a result of an energy blockage in the system; a blockage in the respiratory system could result in the symptoms of a common cold.