Healing Diets Program: $100

Includes: 75 minute consultation, monthly food plan, nutrition brochure, cleanses and customized recipes.


I believe healing starts with our diet! It has taken years and hours of classes to learn how to properly nourish myself through a dominantly vegan diet. I want to help you realize how easy it can be to heal from the inside out. All you need is determination and a good attitude towards this lifestyle and your life will change forever.


Do you want to:

Heal a illness or imbalance in your body?

Learn how to listen to your body so you know how to properly nourish yourself?

Have energy to go out and do the things you love?

Do a juice cleanse but have no idea where to start?

Learn to create raw beautiful meals?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I am available to help you with all of these things and more! Becoming alkaline and eating purely is so important, our bodies crave this. Take back control of your life through a customized diet just for you and your body’s needs.

Are you interested in having me come juice and cook cleansing meals for you?

Contact me at mountainrootsmedicine@gmail.com